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Asanas For You allows yoga teachers and yoga enthusiasts to design professional yoga classes with minimal effort.  It was designed and built by vinyasa yoga teachers for yoga teachers, so we understand your instructing needs. Prepare engaging yoga classes in just a few clicks, print them out to take with you, or have them handy in your mobile device via our app.

Asanas For You helps you to keep your yoga flow sequences fresh and always interesting. Subscribe to one of the packages and always be ready for your classes with new yoga sequences your students will love.  



Asanas For You is designed for yoga teachers at all levels who need help with how to sequence a yoga class or who are simply time poor.

  • Yoga teacher training students can use this tool instead of expensive yoga sequencing books. 
  • Beginner teachers can create new yoga lessons in less than 2 minutes, having the confidence that they won’t injure the class participants as the asana sequences are carefully designed to reflect yoga rules and logic.
  • Experienced yoga teachers will be able to surprise their clients with completely new yoga lessons focused on improving individual peak poses or introducing new yoga themes along with new Savasana and Chakra texts, Mantras or Anti-stress Pranayamas.  


Subscribe to the package that suits your needs and follow these simple steps to create new and exciting yoga class:

  1. Choose the length of your yoga flow sequence (60 or 90 minutes)
  2. Select the difficulty level of the peak pose or class theme (beginner, intermediate, advanced)
  3. Drag and drop prepared sequences and finalize your yoga class within 2 minutes
  4. Print out your preparation or save it in the cloud and have it handy wherever you go via the Asanas For You App 


  • All asanas are supported by detailed pose-diagrams and teaching and transition cues contained in our Asana Library.
  • Refresh your class with singing a mantra from our Mantra Library or focusing on individual Chakras.
  • End your yoga class with one of the relaxing texts from our Savasana Library 
  • Recommend to your students one of the Anti-stress Pranayamas as a bonus for your vinyasa flow yoga class
Our Packages

Our Packages


For Occasional Instructors and Enthusiasts

Access to:

  • Peak Pose Selection: 3
  • Theme Selection: 3
  • Class Difficulty Level Selection: Beginner
  • “My Classes” Saved in Cloud: 3
  • Class Duration: 60min
  • Asana Library
  • Chakra Library
  • Sanskrit Dictionary




For Regular Instructors and Enthusiasts

Access to:

  • Peak Pose Selection: 8
  • Theme Selection: 5
  • Class Difficulty Level Selection: Beginner + Intermediate
  • “My Classes” Saved in Cloud: 5
  • Class Duration: 60min+90min
  • Asana Library
  • Chakra Library
  • Sanskrit Dictionary




For Professional Instructors and Advanced Enthusiasts

Access to:

  • Peak Pose Selection: 11
  • Theme Selection: 10
  • Class Difficulty Level Selection: Beginner + Intermediate + Advanced
  • “My Classes” Saved in Cloud: 10
  • Class Duration: 60min+90min
  • Asana Library
  • Chakra Library
  • Sanskrit Dictionary
  • "Design Own Sequences" Tool
  • Savasana Library
  • Mantra Library
  • Antistress Exercises Library
  • "Asanas For You" App Access


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Additional Information


  • By Whom / For whom
    • Who is the Asanas For You tool designed for?

      Asanas For You is a tool that can be used by all yoga teachers and yoga enthusiasts who already love Vinyasa Flow or want to learn more about this wonderful yoga style. Asanas For You can be used by new yoga teachers who need help with the first lessons creation, by experienced teachers do not have the time to spend on endless research and design of new asana sequences, or teachers who are simply looking for new ideas for their classes.

    • Who designed the Asanas For You tool?

      Asanas For You was designed by experienced Vinyasa Flow yoga teachers, including internationally renowned leaders of Yoga Teacher Trainings. The tool is a synthesis of the wisdom of many generations of yoga teachers and practitioners – this is why we emphasise the fact that the essence of the sequences we have designed are anchored in our core principles of keeping yoga practice safe, engaging and rewarding.

    • Do I need to be computer savvy to use Asanas For You?

      Absolutely not! Asanas For You was designed to be easy to use by all subscribers, regardless of their experience with on-line tools. We tried to make the tool as intuitive as possible and have provided plenty of hints along the way. Click on the icons in "What you get" section to see more information about the particular features. To help you to navigate through the tool, please view our “How to Use Asanas For You” video to help you to get on the way. 

    • Are the sequences contained in Asanas For You safe?

      The sequences used in Asanas For You were carefully designed by experienced yoga teachers and are anchored in our core principles of keeping yoga practice safe, engaging and rewarding. The class building tool follows the accepted yoga sequence practices that gradually prepare the body for more challenging poses. Having said that, please note that whilst Asanas For You offers different levels of yoga sequence difficulty (from Beginner to Advanced), we ask all users to use their professional judgement to create classes that are appropriate for their own and their audience’s level of yoga competence.

    • Do I need to be a certified yoga teacher to use the Asanas For You tool?

      Whilst Asanas For You was designed to be a tool for yoga teachers, you do not have to be a certified teacher to use the service should you wish to design classes for your own practice or to gain deeper insights into yoga practices. For ethical and safety reasons we strongly advise non-certified teachers not to use Asanas For You sequences to teach others as this may expose both you and others to the risk of injury.

  • Subscriptions and Payments
  • Manage Account
    • Can I upgrade my current package at any time?

      Absolutely! All you have to do is to log into your account and choose the package you wish to upgrade to. 

      When you upgrade, you will gain instant access to all of the features the advanced packages have to offer.

    • Can I suspend my package subscription or unsubscribe?

      Unfortunately, suspension is not possible. You can choose to unsubscribe at any stage by going to My Profile menu. If you choose to unsubscribe, your credit card details will be deleted by our payment gateway partner and you will not be charged again, however you will be able to continue using all the features of your subscription package for the remainder of the subscription period. Following the end of your subscription period all of your saved lessons will be stored for another 30 days and will be restored should you choose to re-subscribe to our service within that period.


    • For how long will my classes be stored in the Cloud?

      Your classes will be stored in the Cloud for the duration of your subscription with Asanas For You and will be available to you at any time, anywhere. If you choose to cancel your subscription, we will keep your stored classes in the Cloud for 30 days in case you change your mind and wish to resume your subscription.

    • How can I contact Asanas For You?

      To contact us, please send us a message via our contact form and we will get back to you within 24 hours. 

  • Data Security
    • How will be my credit card details stored?

      Your credit card details are stored securely by our payment gateway partner PayFort (an Amazon Company) in an encrypted format and are protected by world-class digital security protocols. Asanas For You does not store or have access to any of your credit card details. Upon the cessation of contractual obligations between Asanas For You and you as the client, your credit card details will be deleted from the PayFort gateway records as per our Data Privacy Policy

    • How will my personal data be secured?

      All of your personal data is stored in an encrypted format in highly secured servers. All of your data storage and usage practices are governed by our Privacy Policy and are fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) (EU) 2016/679 and the applicable laws of the United Arab Emirates.

    • Will my personal data be shared with any third party?

      As per our Privacy Policy your personal data stored with Asanas For You will not be made shared with any other third party.

  • Technical Support
    • Where can I download the Asanas For You app and what is it for?

      Asanas For You app can be downloaded from either the Apple App Store (for iOS users) or Google Play (for Android users). Asanas For You app is one of the powerful features of the Asanas For You service that is available to Premium package subscribers. You can enjoy having all your stored class creations anywhere you go. With just one click you can sync your app with your Class Library content stored in the Cloud and have access to it even when you are not online. Imagine having no more worries about whether your next retreat location will have access to the Internet or not!

    • Which browser do I need to use Asanas For You?

      Asanas For You works on all commonly used browsers in both iOS and Windows operating environments.

    • Can I use Asanas For You on mobile devices?

      Whilst we do offer a mobile version of Asanas For You site, for ease of use and more rewarding experience, we recommend that for class design subscribers use their PCs or laptops (i.e. a device with a larger screen). Mobile devices can however be easily used for class prompting purposes whilst using the app (for Premium Package subscribers who have access to the Asanas For You app services).

    • How can I get assistance with technical problems?

      Should you experience any technical problems, please send us a message via our Contact Form and we will get back to you within 24 hours. 

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