Asanas For You is run by yoga teachers for yoga teachers. Our mission is to enable yoga teachers to practice what they love in the contemporary world without the need to compromise on other parts of life that are important to them. As yoga teachers, we are aware that preparing new classes is time consuming and can eat into our family and personal times, that is why we developed the Asanas For You concept. We firmly believe that the ancient art of yoga and modern technology can co-exist and complement each other. We also believe that disciplined practice does not have to mean boring routines and that both our students and ourselves deserve to experience a variety of yoga sequences that challenge and benefit us.

Asanas For You is owned and operated by A4U Services LLC in the United Arab Emirates and staffed by an international team of yoga teachers, artists and technology experts who are passionate about delivering quality services to our clients.




Katerina Maskova

Commercial Lead - Passionate about making yoga business work


Katerina is an experienced yoga teacher and a marketing professional with a passion for new technologies that simplify our lives and give us more time to enjoy what we love doing. The idea for Asanas For You was born during one of Katerina’s yoga teacher’s courses when she was confronted with the complexity and stress of designing new classes as a novice to the style. She simply wanted to find a better way of designing high quality creative classes that would enable teachers to focus on their teaching and enjoying their practice more.


Jolie Manza

Seasoned yoga teacher and sequencing Guru


Jolie is an international yoga teacher, and movement professional who successfully transformed her career from being a US-based professional dancer and performer to becoming a globally renowned teacher of yoga instructors.  She is a constant seeker of new yogi practices who values diverse sources of knowledge. Jolie’s deep knowledge of asana sequencing ensures that our class sequences are of the highest standard. Jolie is also a founder of YogaKoh, an internationally recognised yoga school that offers yoga teacher training courses, retreats, and workshops.



Filip Rysavy

Our brilliant Technology Support professional; flexible, but not so good at yoga (yet)


As no digital tool can exist without solid technical support, Filip is our “go to person” on anything technology related. Filip lives, breathes, and most importantly enjoys dealing with technology. Filip has a great sense of rhythm, being an ex-professional dancer himself, and we try to get him away from the desk to do more yoga, but his resistance results in ensuring that all our clients get the best IT support and data security possible without missing a beat.  



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